A Pitch-Dark Diorama

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Indranil Deashi is scouring for the right twist to complete his slasher thriller, ‘Pitch-Dark’.

In a parallel universe, the fictional characters inside of ‘Pitch-Dark’ are, meanwhile, constantly hurtling through an exaggeratedly possessive director’s many mood swings and idiosyncrasies.

When Indranil has just about nailed a fitting conclusion, an unexpected visitor turns up. Personal demons catch up with Indranil, leaving him shattered.

And dead.

Rajiv Dey, writer of schlock thrillers, attempts to recapture his glory days by accepting to finish ‘Pitch-Dark’. He’s promoting the novel to a deceptively thorny critic.

A hard-boiled, lecherous detective encounters a protagonist from the novel.

Brutally slashed.

And the hunt for the perpetrator begins.



Santosh M P


Surreal Thriller, Drama


2 Hrs.


Super 16 (Kodak Vision3 500T, Vision3 250D, Vision3 50D, Eastman Double-X)


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A 'Pitch-Dark' Diorama - Screenplay - Download PDF

From Perpetrator to A 'Pitch-Dark' Diorama - Notes on a Matryoshka Puzzle - Download PDF


"This film requires room for one to think and to interpret. Why don’t you try to put your stamp on it? You never know what you might see or find. Perhaps this Rorschach inkblot of a movie will get your mind moving and churning and boggling. In a good way." - LZ Lark

"We are lead down separate routes and given hints, but when we finally come face-to-face with the “Author” the film explodes into an experimental masterpiece of storytelling." - Blaine McLaren, Mondo McLaren

"Like the brilliant title design, ‘Pitch Dark Diorama’ is a Rorschach test for the viewers. It’s a projective psychological test which keeps us puzzled about the different perceptions." - Arun Kumar, Passion for Movies

"In total, “A ‘Pitch Dark’ Diorama” is one trippy film that as mentioned above takes some investment in mind to fully grasp how events unfold within its bending, ever-fluid storyline. But it’s an uncommon, distinctive piece of indie film that deserves the time to take in and revel at." - Kirk Fernwood, One Film Fan

"What really glues the viewer to the screen is not a simple game of jigsaw puzzle, but a story that is well told, that manages to create extreme tension in its rather slow narrative approach, and that makes the viewer use one's imagination to read between the lines and come to one's own conclusions." - Mike Haberfelner, (re)Search My Trash

"It’s refreshing to see such an interestingly original story with a set of characters you can really get behind, complexities and all, especially the main detective on the case who certainly has more to him than meets the eye. They’re all excellently three dimensional, making you eager to see how things play out." - Chelsea Benwell, The Scream Review