Sakhi Hai Toh Sahi Hai

Commissioned Films

Kiran is a conscientious, civic minded citizen who has always believed that the waste problems in and around her village are due to the ever increasing number of tourists who visit the popular waterfalls close by. However, a personal setback closer to home challenges her preconceptions and opens her eyes to the wider issue of waste management. As a result, she decides to become the face of a waste management program for her village. 

But Kiran soon realizes that the material garbage is the least of her concerns, and she has to fight a far bigger battle against the stigma and prejudices associated with 'waste'.

Title: Sakhi Hai Toh Sahi Hai
Category: Recruitment Film for Waste Warriors' 'Paryavaran Sakhi' program
Client: LIC HFL and Waste Warriors
Production Partner: Beyond the Wall
Written, Edited, and Directed by Santosh MP